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Well That's Just Typical
Star Trek Reboot Gen Novel

Well, That's Just Typical , a new Star Trek Reboot novel by Doctor Beth with lots of lovely interaction between Kirk, McCoy and Spock and lots of hurt/comfort. Color cover by Laura Quiles. Digest size. 152 pages. US buyers may pay below. Please email for international rates.

Well That's Just Typical on Paper


Time's Point
Star Trek Gen Novel

Time's Point : a new Star Trek gen novel by Lorraine Anderson taking place after the Star Trek: Next Generation episode “Time’s Arrow” and the Star Trek movie Star Trek: Generations. A time travel adventure featuring Guinan and Uhura! Color cover and back cover. Artwork by Montana. 147 pages. Digest sized. US buyers may pay below. Please email for international rates.

Time's Point on Paper

Submission Guidelines If you are interested in submitting stories or artwork to some of the upcoming zines, click here to view our submission guidelines and style book. Please note that we do edit submissions. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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