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Southern Knights #1. Originally published in 1985. 139 pages of reduced print. See below for some descriptions of the contents.

Southern Knights #1 on Paper

Command Performance by Liz Sharpe: Han, Luke and Leia take on the criminal underworld in this post-Jedi tale.

Story of an Unsung Rebel by Sharane McCurry: Biggs’ adventures with the Alliance before the battle over Yavin.

The Gift by Susan Hall: It’s the Skywalker twins’ birthday and there’s more than one surprise in store for Luke.

All the Sweet Things by L.A. Carr: Luke thought he’d discovered Leia’s secret desire, but the truth is often painful.

Reawakening by Carolyn Golledge: Leia knew that Han loved her—but could his love for her outlast his desire to be free?

Plus more stories, artwork and poetry!

Southern Knights #2. Originally published in 1986. 214 pages of reduced print. See below for some descriptions of the contents.

Southern Knights #2 on Paper

Above All Shadows by Carolyn Golledge: The Empire has finally been defeated and all is once more right in the galaxy—or is it? Luke Skywalker begins to feel a growing evil and determines to trace it to its source before the galaxy is plunged back into chaos and darkness. And Han Solo isn’t about ot let his favorite broth-in-law tackle such a dangerous task alone! A story in Carolyn’s “The Falconer’s” series.

Memories by Linda Knights: Han was betrayed by a partner once too often and vowed he’d never trust anyone again. Could anything or anyone possibly change his mind…?

The Third Man by Katrina Snyder: Han Solo wasn’t exactly sure what to do with himself now that his good “friend” Tristan Glass has caused him to get booted out of the Academy. Luckily, the decision is taken out of his hands when he meets up with some very special spacers.

Frisento by L.A. Carr: Frisento held many memories for Han Solo and Leia…

Much, much more, including gorgeous artwork by many different artists.

Be sure to check out our Ebay auctions to find long out of print fanzines (Star Wars, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Forever Knight, Blakes 7, Highlander, Indiana Jones, Western series, Battlestar Galactica, and much more!), photos (including candid shots of the stars), books, videos and much, much more. I’m going to be posting some Highlander cartoons and artwork, too.

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