Submission Guidelines

All zines: Please submit stories via e-mail. I use MS Word. If you have any doubts about the program you are using, please send a text (ASCII) copy of the story or check with me first.

Artwork: I accept hand drawn art as well as manips. I can half-tone color and pencil work and I do print some artwork in full color as finances allow. Please feel free to submit samples of your work. Let me know if you'd like to just send generic stuff or would rather illustrate specific stories. I can accept your submission via email. I do need good, large resolution files.

Please do not submit your submission to another zine once you have sent it to Ashton Press without first writing to me and telling me you are withdrawing your submission. I do not normally accept stories which have been released to the internet, either via a fiction list, mailing list, or web page, although there are sometimes exceptions. Once your work has been printed by Ashton Press, please do not release it to the internet for at least a year from the actual publication date of the fanzine it appears in.

You must submit 3 pieces of artwork or a cover or approximately 2500 words of text in order to receive a free contributor's copy. If you submit less, you will receive a zine at approximately 50% off. (I round up in the case of half dollars.)

Please follow these rules when typing your story: Try to avoid the overuse of epithets such as "the thief," "the computer tech," "the old man," etc. I'm not telling you not to use them, just don't OVERuse them. I do edit stories that are submitted and anthology zines follow a press style. Check out my Press Style Sheet.

PLEASE NOTE: If I accept your submission, you have given me not only the right to print the material, but the right to use your name (or chosen pseudonym) in promoting the zine. This includes, but is not limited to, listing the material and your name on a printed flyer, website or electronic ad; describing the material and your name on a printed flyer, website or electronic ad, and/or printing excerpts from the material and your name on a printed flyer, website or electronic ad. Printing rights automatically include the right to use the material in advertising of any form but I am mentioning this so that there will be no misunderstandings. If you are uncomfortable having your name appear in advertising promoting the zine, then please either do not submit material or use a pseudonym. I also offer some zines on CD or as uploads so be aware that your submission may also be used in that format.

I'm currently accepting submissions for zines in various different fandoms and we do publish stand-alone novellas and novels. Check out my Fanzine page for zines that are current and in the works.

Ashton Press

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